From Anthony

You are what I love most. I long to be always yours, And I ask God. Don’t change my destiny, please, don’t let me down. Today I love you more. Because in reality. You are what I love most. I long to be with you always… Come, let’s make this night a special one, and it will be ours The most beautiful dream we live. Come, everyone sleeps and the city will rest. Our party is going to start. Come and dance, dance with me. Come and have me teach you my dance of love is better. You need to be in love. So come, and you don’t need the compass to love me. Let the dream repeat itself once again. Come the bonfire is lit and the clock already rings. She tells us that it is midnight. Let’s toast until no more champagne is left. May the music not stop playing. So come and Dance, Dance with me, my love.

My thoughts


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